bluespiritcollection3 bluespiritcollection3 Aang of Bass by BSG The Gaang as a rock band. 635364 Sokka - Ladies Man still a work in progress 635346 Toph on Drums by BSG If the Gaang were a rock band, Toph would be the perfect drummer! 635365 Happy Valentine's Day by BSG Sorry...I know I'm a little late posting this, but Aang wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day anyway! 635366 Komodo-Condor by BSG My own Avatar creature creation 635347 Katara in Water Tribe warrior outfit by BSG 635367 Aang Zuko by BSG 635368 Happy Holidays from the Gaang! by BSG 635348 Merry Christmas from Appa & Momo by BSG 635369 "Naruto Aang....with pants" by BSG From the episode "Nightmares & Daydreams" 635370 "Birth of a Bloodbender" by BSG from The Puppetmaster Episode 635349 "Just another starry night in the life of the Avatar", by BSG inspired from episode 305 where Aang is trying to defend himself against his new arch enemy, Combustion Man 635371 The Gaang for Season 3 by BSG My first attempt to draw the whole Gaang for Season 3 635350 Dance With Me by BSG From "The Headband" episode. Aang's free spirit has returned with a little flirtyness too as he wisks Katara onto the floor for a dance. 635372 Aang's new look by BSG 635373 ATLA Fire by BSG 635374 Kataang by BSG 635351 Kataang by BSG 635375 Dance Sifu by BSG from "The Headband" episode 635376 Haang10 by BSG A tribute to Aang's glider 635352 Aang Season 3 by BSG Aang contemplates the decision to let the World think the Avatar is dead - will they loose hope??? 635353 Aang Season 3 Pay Back Time! by BSG My first graphic for Season 3! 635377 Aang's Slow Recovery by BSB colorized pencil sketch 635378 Avatar Friendships by BSG Printable coloring page. For printable size plus more coloring pages, visit Cabbage Man Kid's Corner - Coloring Pages 635379