bluespiritcollection2 bluespiritcollection2 "Bittersweet Victory" by BSG end of Season 2 in anticipation of Season 3. Colored pencil. 636374 Zuko just sitting & brooding by BSG colored pencil drawing graphically enhanced 636352 Aang and Element Symbols by BSG like this effect so decided to try and do a small collection I call my "tea stain" skectches 636382 Aang's memories with Gyatso another "tea stain" sketch 636354 Katara "tea stain" sketch by BSG 636393 Zuko and Katara "tea stain" sketch by BSG Zutara??? you decide 636360 Air Cannon - Coloring Page Printables by BSG See more in Cabbage Man's Kid's corner under "Coloring Pages" 636402 Katara Waterbender by BSG Colored version of one of the printable found in Cabbage Man Kid's Corner - Coloring Pages 636405 "Aang confronts Oazi" by BSG 636407 Suki by BSG colored pencil 636409 "Water" Icon by BSG 636434 "The Blue Spirit Revealed" by BSG 636438 "Katara - A Moment to Herself" by BSG Every girl just needs a quiet, reflective moment sometime. 636442 "Escape from Ba Sing Se" by BSG 636444 Toph - Earthbender 02 by BSG 636450 Toph - Earthbender 01 by BSG 636455 Avatar Aang 04 by BSG 636460 "Bender Battle 02," by BSG Zuko and Aang going at it some more in the sewers beneath Ba Sing Se with the Dai Le Agents curiosly watching the outcome from above. 636484 "Bender Battle," by BSG 636490 "A Zutara Moment" by BSG 636493 Airbending Backflip by BSG 636475 "The Gaang" by BSG Sokka better stop trying to impress the girls with his cute smile before he discovers Toph has "borrowed" his boomerang for a little metalbending praciice 636499 Aang Valentine by BSG 636506 Aang & Katara by BSG 636479 Katara Portrait by BSG 636517 "Team Avatar" by BSG or as Sokka would have it - "The Boomer-Aang Gang" 636542 Avatar Christmas - 2006 Merry Christmas everyone from Blue Spirit Gal. Hope everyone has enjoyed the site this year. It's been a lot of fun playing, chatting and sharing with all of you. 636592 "Toph" by BSG Aang's blind Earthbending teacher. This started as a mechanical pencil drawing which I tweek in paint shop. 636596 "Sokka & Hakoda" by BSG Mechanical pencil drawing graphically enhanced. 636600 "Group Hug" by BSG Everyone needs a group hug every once and a while. Mechical pencil drawing, graphically enhanced. 636623 "Air Nomads: Gone But Not Forgotten" by BSG 636628 "Stay Away From My Girl!" by BSG 636630 "Two Faced Zuko" by BSG 636632 "Metalbending 101" by BSG 636636 Aang's Avatar State this one is 600 pixels high and makes a nice desktop 636641 Aang's Avatar State Collage by BSG check out my screen caps I made up for this episode! 636617 "Loss of the Air Nomads" by BSG Aang must learn to let go of his grief over the loss of his people in his journey to control the Avatar State 636619 "Good Tea is its own Reward" by BSG 636650 "Spiritual Crisis" graphic by BSG 636654 Prince Zuko & the Dragon of the West by BSG 636656 "Memory of a Son" by BSG Iroh spends a quite moment remembering his fallen son. 636660 "Lightening Master" by BSG Iroh demonstrates how to create a pathway for lightening. 636684 Zutara Graphic by BSG 636691 Aang Graphic by BSG 636696 Blue Series Collection: Katara by BSG 636672 Blue Series Collection: Aang01 by BSG okay I finally posted something besides Zuko, lol 636675 "Avatar's Prince Zuko" By BSG 636711 Blue Series Collection: "Prince at Peace" by BSG ok I know this one's a little sappy but I just love this pic of Zuko sleeping, lol 636747 Zuko by BSG (hee hee, seem to be stuck in a Zuko mood of late, lol) 636725 "Zuko - Too Sexy for My Shirt" by BSG 636726 "Son of Ursa" by BSG From Episode: Zuko Alone. "Never Forget Who You Are" 636755 "The Avatar State" by BSG Roku explains to Aang that if he is killed in the Avatar State, the Avatar will cease to exist 636729 "Avatar Kyoshi," by BSG Avatar Kyoshi was one of Aang's past lives 636764 "Return to Omashu," by BSG 636768 "Turning Point," by BSG 636771 "Zuko's Hat" by BSG 636776 "Princess Azula," By BSG 636781