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About the Music for Avatar

 3/30/06 New Post! Hear some of musical scores for Avatar at The Track Team's Music and Sound Website!! Thank you so much Jeremy!!! 

2/25/06 This information comes from Jeremy Zuckerman from The Track Team, (the company that does the background music for Avatar) after I made this inquiring:

Do you have any soundtracks/music CD's availble from the series? If not, could you tell us a little about the music genre you use, or perhaps any artist(s) that influenced you in the music selections used?

Here's what Mr. Zukerman wrote back:

Thanks for the inquiry!  As of right now we don't have a soundtrack available.  We have gotten several inquiries about this and there's been some talk at Nick about the possibility of producing a soundtrack in the future.  I say let them know!  Send them an email!  The more interest the better chance there is of this coming to fruition.  

We've really made an effort to create a musical style that is in sync with the show's sensibility - a multi-cultural, dramatic, ancient sounding yet unclassifiable style.  We combine traditional instruments to create something that sounds traditional but isn't specific to any culture.  Some of the non-western instruments we use most are the duduk (an armenian reed instrument), the pipa (a chinese guitar-like instrument), the guzheng (a chinese harp-like instrument), the xun (a round chinese flute made from clay), the mbira (a small wooden african instrument with metal tines), frame drums, the dumbek (a middle eastern drum), dizi (chinese flutes - similar to western flutes) and gamelan (an indonesian orchestra of gongs and bells). We combine this instrumentation with the familiar sounds of the western orchestra.

There are many places to learn about these instruments and their rich traditions and history.   Many of these instruments have been around for thousands of years!  Google any one of them and you're guaranteed to find some good stuff.

Thanks for the email!

Jeremy Zuckerman