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About the Show

Avatar the Last Airbender 

  • Premiered February 21, 2005 on Nickelodeon as a 30 minutes animated action adventure series. 
  • The First Season:  Book One: Water contains the first 20 chapter episodes (101-120)
  • The Second Season: Book 2 Earth started March 17th, 2006, 20 chapter episodes (201-220)
  • The Third Season: Book 3 Fire aired in the Spring of 2007 with final episode ending the series in Summer of 2008
  •  Episode Guide list of episodes/decriptions for each season, cast/characters, guest stars, links to screen captures and more....


  • Visit the Updates page for more info
  • Reruns of Avatar now playing on Nicktoons, check your local cable listings

What is Avatar the Last Airbender About?

  • Synopsis of the story and describes the mythical world of the Avatar.
  • Learn more about the Benders and the Martial Arts used to create Avatar.
  • Map of the Avatar World (submitted by Avatar fan felinoel-THANKS!)

Cast & Crew, Music

Characters in Avatar

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