characteralbum characteralbum Aang - the Avatar Nation: Air. Twelve year old Aang frozen in an iceberg for the last 100 years is finally discovered by two siblings from the Southern Water Tribe 635518 Aang (a.k.a. "The Avatar") Nation: Air. The last Air Nomad left, this twelve year old boy is destined to save the world, as soon as he figures out how to master all four bending elements and defeat Fire Lord Ozai before Sozin's Comet arrives. 635520 Aang (Season Two) Nation: Air. In Earthbending uniform as he attempts to coax the "Blind Bandit" (Toph) into training him. 635522 Aang Nation: Air. Entering his Avatar State, a spiritual state in which Aang is able to tap into the power of his past lives 635524 Aang and His Friends Traveling with the Avatar are Water Tribe siblings Katara & Sokka, and blind Earthbender Toph (Season Two) 635526 Katara (Season Two) Nation: Water. A young master waterbender, Katara and her brother Sokka travel with Aang helping him to master the elements 635498 Sokka (Premiere Episode) Nation: Water 635499 Sokka (Season One) Nation: Water. Southern Water Tribe Warrior Uniform 635531 Katara & Sokka (Season Two) Nation: Water (Southern Water Tribe). Katara is a master waterbender. Though her older brother Sokka cannot bend, he's well trained in use of weapons, especially his trusty boomerang. Usually the brunt of the comical mishaps on the show, Sokka nevertheless is pretty smart and manages to come up with some pretty good ideas. 635532 Sokka, Katara & Aang Sharing thier fears. (Season Two) 635534 Toph (aka "The Blind Bandit") Nation: Earth. A blind master earthbender who travels with the Avatar as she tries to teach him to Earthbend. Became part of the Avatar gang in the second season. 635536 Unlce Iroh (aka Dragon of the West) Nation: Fire. Retired General Iroh and eldest brother to Fire Lord Ozai, Iroh travels with his nephew Prince Zuko and is considered a traitor to the Fire Nation. (2nd Season) 635537 Prince Zuko (First Season) Nation: Fire. Banished prince who's only hope to return to the Fire Nation and restore his honor is in capturing the Avatar 635543 Commander Zhao (Season One) Nation: Fire. Later promoted to Admiral. Also after the Avatar, confronting Prince Zuko about his knowledge of the Avatar's whereabouts. 635538 Prince Zuko (2nd Season) Nation: Fire. An angry teenage prince stripped of his destiny to be the next Fire Lord, Zuko must now dodge his evil sister Azula in his quest to find the Avatar and survive in enemy territory. 635546 Suki (Season 0ne) Nation: Earth. Captain of the female band of Kyoshi Warriors and Sokka's first love interest. 635540 Princess Azula (Season Two) Nation: Fire. Zuko's younger sister and a firebending prodigy, sent by Fire Lord Ozai to capture her brother, uncle and the Avatar. She is a master at the art of bending lightening, is cold and calculating and will do anything to keep her brother from becomming the next Fire Lord. 635562 Princess Azula's Elite Squad (Season Two) Nation: Fire. Azula has enlisted Tylee and Mai, former classmates at the Fire Nation Academy for Girls, to help her capture Zuko, Iroh and the Avatar. Each offers a special talent which will help Azula catch her prey. 635564 TyLee (Season TWo) Nation: Fire. An acrobat with a unique ability to use accupressure points to temporarily disable a bender's ability to bend. TyLee is quick and agile. Though her bubbly sweet nature seems to be an odd paring with Azula'a evilness, she proves to be quite cunning herself. 635567 Mai (Season Two) Nation: Fire. An expert in daggers and knives, Mai always has a surprise up her sleeves for a would be opponent. Gothically dressed and with a dry sense of humor, she finds traveling with Azula a least a little more exciting than life stuck as the daughter of the governer of New Ozai (formerly the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu). 635568 Prince Zuko & his Uncle Iroh Nation: Fire. Now considered fugatives and trying to hide from the Fire Nation (Season Two) 635570 Hakoda (Season Two) Nation: Water. Leader of the Southern Water Tribe and father to Sokka & Katara 635547 Guru Pathik (end Season Two) A spiritual master who tries to help Aang tap in and learn to control his Avatar State 635573