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Enter the FIRE NATION!

Aang and the Gaang have finally entered the Fire Nation on Aang's last and most dangerous leg of his saga journey. Meanwhile, Zuko has returned to the FN Royal Palace, but will he regain his birthright to the thrown? And what will become of Iroh??? See and chat about what happens next in the third and Final Season of Avatar. (Remember, this chat box is for peaceful discussions. If you want to fight, to it to Agni Kai below)

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Clearing in the Woods - BSG Fan Chatter Box

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A rather large clearing in the middle of a forest with a few trees scattered throughout it. In the center of the clearing is a large lake filled with sparkling blue water. Off to one side a little away from the clearing a rocky mountain hillside slopes downward creating a waterfall into the lake.  In the clearing, friends can gather and chat, or take a swim in the lake and play in the waterfall. This is a peaceful place meant for fun, so if things get a little heated, don't stay here but drop down to the AgniKai Battle Box below and please keep my forest and lake clean.   

 A Secret Little Retreat Tucked in the Woods

Random Silliness and other Chat

Agni Kai Battle Box

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6. The Agni Kai Chatter Box is for fighting or duels but please avoid graphically violent skits, murders, self-mutilations etc.