Blue Spirit Gal

Avatar the Last Airbender Fansite,

Becomming a BSG fan member.

Why should you want to become a BSG fan member?

Primarily this will allow verified members the ability to access the Chatter boxes on the main site which are similiar to an instant messaging system. Many of the characters and fans like to come on live in the chatter box and talk, create fun little skits and on more than one occasion may have some disagreements. So if you want to join the fun here is what you need to do:

First you need to become a verified member on my host service Freewebs

Second you need to request to be a BSG fan member.

Step One: Become a verified Freewebs Member

It's free and you do not need to have a website to join. (However it gives you the neat option of setting up your own website if you are interested in later). For purposes of notification only you do need to have an email address. Your email address is kept confidential by freewebs and not displayed on your profile page or to anyone you contact 

If you do not have your own personal email, I have set up a guest email account you can used for registering on the main site and for the forum:

*Click link below to assist you to become a Verified Freewebs member.

***** your login should all be lower case, your password is case sensitive so make sure if your password has any capitals you need to type them in correctly******

     Once you have a verified account, you can access your freewebs profile page and add a cool icon picture to go with your name.

Step Two: (Important)  Now that you are a verified Freewebs member, you still need to request to be BSG fan member.

To do this must first be logged into your new Freewebs account. If you are not already go to and login (you may want to save this link onto your favortits file if you ever want to be able to go back in and updat your profile.)

Next, on the freewebs menu bar click on "my webs"

Under find members text box type in:

Click the setting for username, then click search

(or you can type in: Blue Spirit Gal & the Cabbage Men, click the setting for display name and then click search)

My profile avatar icon will appear with the name Blue Spirit Gal & the Cabbage Men next to it

Click "add friend"

A message will be sent to my website notifying me that you have added my as your friend.

Next Please Be a Little Patient: In order for you to be able to access the chatter boxes I still need to add you to my BSG fans access account, which I have to do manually. Though it only takes a second to add you, it may take up to 24 hours to process. Whenever I log into my account I do check my messages and will add you as soon as I see the request.

When I do add you, an email will automatically be sent you you telling you I have added you.

That's it your done

***Please NOTE: the above steps are only for you to able to log into the chatter boxes on the main site.  To become a member on the forum extension site, you will need to RE-REGISTER there (for simplicity though you can you the same login and password when establishing you Forum account)  The reason for the hassle is I am using two different systems, one for the chatter boxes, the other for the forum.



My Policy about Chatter Box use

The instant message feature in the chatter box is a great way to talk to other fans and characters in a "live" format. It is a very popular feature on the site that I am very happy to offer. However I do have some rules that I expect all fans to follow. Failure to do so can result in suspension or termination of your access.

1. No foul language or inappropriate content is permitted within the chatter box. This is a family oriented site. (This includes partial bleeping of bad word though the meaning is still clear) Also please avoid spamming within the chatter box. It's annoying and can slow the chatter box down.

2. ABOLUTELY NO IMPERSONATING MY CHARACTERS.  I have fans authorized and assigned to play various Avatar Characters on my site.  NO fan without my permission is allowed to IMPERSONATE the characters by stealing my icons and altering their user display name.  Because I have grouped your freewebs accounts into BSG fan membership group, me and me staff will know which fan is doing this because your URL will be displayed.  Violation of this rule will result in termination of your ability to access the chatter box. (I have firmly set this rule because I believe it is both disrespectful to me and the fans playing these roles for someone to come in and impersonate them)

3. I have several moderators within the chatter box.  It is their responsibility to insure fans are having fun but are being respectful to one another.  I fully expect all fans to comply with a moderator's request especially when it comes to foul language OR lude or inappropriate conduct within the chatter box.  My moderator's will give fans a warning, but if they continue to ignore their request, I will be notified and you will risk suspension or termination of your access to the chatter box

       My Moderators are:  Len, Lil, Kes, Zookins, Zeann, and myself BSG

That's it! The intent for the chatter box is to have good clean fun. So by all means have fun, but do be respectful to your fellow fans and my staff.

Blue Spirit Gal