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My BSG "family"

by lilfirebender (left-right: Kequest, Len, Blue Spirit Gal, Storybender, Lilfirebender)

Thanks lilfirebender for creating this picture! I will treasure it always as a reminder of all the wonderful support you  guys have given to me and this site! I am honored!

Blue Spirit Gal Staff Members

Name: BSG (Blue Spirit Gal)

Age: old enough to vote but too young to retire

Status: Mom of the Cabbage Men

Interests: Graphics, Halloween, the Cabbage Men, Harry Potter Books

Dislikes:  Cooking, Cleaning, Paying the Bills

Site Role:  Site Administer, Graphics, Forums Administor/Moderator, Projects Development

Contact at:via PM system on forum or


Name: Len
Age: Eighteen
Species: Anthromorphic Canine (IC only)
Gender: Male
Status: Outsane
Favorite Quote: "Love your enemies: they'll go crazy trying to figure out what you're up to." 
Likes: Good books.
Dislikes: All things offensive and disgusting.

Site Role: Forums design, Forum Co-Admin/Moderator
Contact at: via PM system on forum or

Name: Lil (lilfirebender)
Age: old enough to run my own den
Status: Owner of Lil's Undergound Den, Bounty Hunter, semi-loyal employee of Jun the bounty hunter.
Interests: Money, Power, Drawing, Firebending, playing redemption
Dislikes:  Grumpy customers 
Site Role:  Co-Admin to the forum, head of Evil Plots Department, owner and caretaker of Lil's Den and any employees thereof. 
Contact at: via PM system on BSG forum or  *All plots involving major characters must be appoved by Lil



Name:  Storybender
Age:  Younger than Iroh, older than Zuko.
Status: Mother to two Avatards.
Likes:  Reading, Writing, Martial Arts, Computers, Playing in the Sandbox, and...what else?...oh, yeah.  Avatar!
Dislikes: Laundry, dishes, writer's block, asparagus, mean people.
Pet:  Smaug the Bearded Dragon, Hei Bai the Black and White Spirit Hamster, Peekaboo the Siamese Cat.
Favorite quote:  "All people are your relatives; therefore, expect only trouble from them."
Site Role: Fan Fiction Developement, Forum Moderator, Fan Fiction Submissions
Contact: via PM system on forum or


Name: KesQuest

Age: 26

Status: Owner of Kes’s Clinic, healer and priestess

Likes: Anime, Martial Arts Movies, Cosplay, RPing, Avatar, Tea, Men *coughIrohVladcough*

Dislikes: People who pick on the weak, Azula, and anyone who threatens thoughts I love.

Site Roll:  Moderator of the Chatter Boxes and the Forum.  Healer of the Characters.

Contact: via PM system on BSG forum





Name: Raven

Site Role: Chatter Box and Forum Moderator



Vladimir Draconvitch

male, 19years old, Earthbender from the Upper Earth Kingdom World

Site Role: Chatter Box and Forum Moderator



  • Still seeking a responsible individual at least 16 or older interested in assisting with the management and development of our Media/Avatar Music Video secton of Blue Spirit Gal in order to: (1) Seek out and spotlight talented AMV artists, and (2) keep new episode information updated.  Role requires about a 4-6 hour commitment a week and video making experience preferred. 
  • Also seeking talented person(s) in Gif animation interested in making some fun Avatar animated icons to add to the site. Contact BlueSpiritGal at if interested. All gif creations for the site will be fully credited back to the creators.
  • *Contact BlueSpiritGal via PM system on BSG forum or @
  • Blue Spirit Gal Supportive Staff Members

    Name: Ace-daze

    Age: 16

    Status: Jr. Moderating Team

    Interests: Zuko, Zuko, Zuko, Zuko, Zuko, Jet. <3

    Dislikes: ......Things that aren't Zuko and Jet (:P)
    Site Role: Moderator, Good-Will Ambassodor for BSG

    Contact at: forum PM system
    Name: Justin

    Age: 15

    Status: Jr. Moderating Team

    Interests: Meeting new friends, chatting, reading, writing, hiking, exploring, online gaming, arcade gaming, animals, movies and learning new things.

    Dislikes: Pollution, candy, war, muscle aches, name calling and spammers.

    Site Role: Moderator, Good-Will Ambassodor for BSG

    Contact at: forum PM system
    Name: Ronin_Maj. but you can call me maj ;]

    Age: 100 >} mwa ha ha

    Status: Jr. Moderating Team

    Interests: Piracy, asking zuko and katara shipping
    questions, ( or trying to <<; ) kidnapping sokka, and
    semi-evil-evil plots.

    Dislikes: Chicken, coleslaw, misquitoes, and meanie
    non shipping haters ;~;

    Site Role: Moderator, Good-Will Ambassodor for BSG

    Contact at: forum PM system
    Name: Sam\Captain Sam

    Age: 13 1\2
    Status: Jr. Moderating Team and Captain of the most famous crew
    Interests: Pirates, gold, blue flowers, fun rps, Vlad, graphics, art, Vlad, pirate jobs that requires money,....and err Vlad.
    Dislikes: Kes, old people that look like raisins, and world peace….
    Site Role: Moderator, Good-Will Ambassadors for BSG, plus taking all your stuff and leaving you with nothing.
    Contact at: forum PM system

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