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The new Forum extension to my site will is the new home for all the Characters and Interactive places and has replaced the blogs. The blogs however are still available for READ ONLY but not longer for posting. My staff and I have also added a few more interesting places to visit on the forum.

Those new to the forum, please enter the BSG Forum through the menu bar on the right and register as a memeber. If you don't know how, go immediately to the HELP section for information on how to do this.

Though the forum will allow both verified and unverified (guests) to post in, I would still like to encourage everyone to official sign up as forum members. To make the transition easier, I recommend using the same login and password as you have already created when you become verified on my site through my host site Freewebs. Also for those without personal emails I have set up a guest email account you can use to become registered members in the forum.

For those unused to forum set-ups, or do not know how to register or post on the forum please to to the HELP section once you click onto the forum off the menu bar.

Our goal is to make the transistion as easy as possible. We hope all of you will enjoy the new forum!!! Hope to see everyone logged on soon.


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Attention Fans: Blog pages now closed for further posting but are still be available for READ ONLY as archieved sections. Character and Interactive Blogs are now located on the Forum Extension

Archieved Character Blogs READ ONLY (go to forum for further posting)

"Ask Iroh"
 "Ask Zuko"
 "Ask Katara"
 "Ask Aang"
 "Ask Sokka"
 "Ask Azula"
"Ask Toph"

Archieved Blog Places to Visit - READ ONLY (go to forum for further posting)


The wedding of Iroh and Kes????