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Fansite Directory -listings in alphabetical order, including sites offering music videos. YouTube (place where fans can post music videos) and The Track Team's website (company that creates the musical scores for Avatar) also posted at bottom of this directory

Creative Sites Made by Fans 

Avatar Artwork Web Links - links to other great sites specializing in exceptionally good fan made Avatar artwork

Avatar Music Videos Directory - lists artists in alphabetical order who specialize in making Avatar music videos (AMV's)

Networks Airing Avatar the Last Airbender

Official Nickelodeon Sites

Upper Deck Entertainment (Avatar Trading Card Game)

Articles about Avatar and its creators

Keyframe Animation Finder

Cable TV Talk (website about Nickelodeon Summer Programming)

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Networks airing Avatar the Last Airbender

Nickelodeon (United States)

Nickelodeon (United Kingdom)

Nickelodeon (Australia)

YTV - Canada's kid's televison network (looks like they are still in the first season)

Official Nickelodeon Sites links you directly to Nickelodeon with links to games, schedules and other neat stuff. Want to view a featured Avatar episode? Scroll down to bottom of Nick's page and click on Turbo Nick. On Turbo Nick page at the top click on Nicktoons. Then on menu bar at right click on Avatar.  (Be patient-it takes a few minutes to load and there's usually a commercial. once the comercial finishes click on play button-again be patient it can take a few seconds). In future you save in your favorites files and go directly to them. Everything you ever wanted to know about Avatar: The Last Airbender answered by the creators, Mike & Bryan!
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Upper Deck Entertainment

Upper Deck Avatar Trading Card Game learn to play click here

Fansites With Screen Captures

Fan Sites/Affiliate Sites Directory - Listings in Alphbetical Order

Welcome to the BSG main web links directory for Avatar fansites.  Sites are listed in alphabetical order.  If you would like your site listed in the main directory e-mail me at (<----new email) and tell me what your site has to offer and I'll check it out.

Legend: the symbols below indicate some of the features each of these sites has to offer.

These sites I share an affiliate link with 

 The Avatar Chill Zone new site, cute stuff!  Great fansite. Offers variety of things and helpful How-To's section and specializes in graphics. Has just recently added SCREENCAPS (yay!)

  AvatarFan new faniste, nicely don

 Avatar GT  site contains a collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender graphics. This site is purely based on the multimedia side of Avatar. It contains sigs, icons and more to spice up your desktop. 

 Avatar Portal nice looking fansite, lots to offer

 Avatars-Hangout cute fansite, graphics

 Avatar Harmony

 Avatar Today nice site for getting the latest updates, thanks for the tips a fantastic website with lots of in depth info, variety of things to offer from interviews with the creators of Avatar, to screencaps and transcripts to Oekaki. Very well and professionally organized! The team that runs this site is AWESOME and I can't say enough great things about how fabulous this site is! An Avatar bookmark must site!

Club Avatar small fansite created by Waterbender Selena

Crazy About Avatar Fansite includes backgrounds, icons PLUS MUSIC VIDEOS!

  Earthbenders Almighty - Justin's A:TLA fansite focusing primarily on Sand and Metal Benders!

 Element Benders info about show plus MUSIC VIDEOS including some of my favorites like "Perfect" posted on my media page.

  Elemental Masters nice fansite, lots to offer

 Distant Horizon Fantastic site with lots of background info on Avatar (episodes, creators, bending arts) I consider this one of the BEST fansites and a MUST check out and bookmark Avatar Site!

 Dongbu Feng fansite with forums, info on show, images, wallpaper and lots more. Site nicely set up.

 Fire Nation Palace fansite includes fanart and forums (site closing end of Febuary 2007 , but Eliza the webhostess has graciously donated the caps to so don't dispair!)

Four in One: The Legend of the Avatar info on show, images, chat

In Between Dreams    Fansite with graphic images PLUS MUSIC VIDEOS!

 Lilfirebender home base fansite for Lil's Underground Den

Mellomuse  beautifully made Avatar music videos (also listed on my media page please check it out and visit her site) fansite includes graphics, icons, forums

 Rellueen  a realistic Avatar the Last Airbender role playing forum

 Sokka Lovers fansite for those that like Sokka

The Blue Spirit very nice new Avatar fansite with some cute graphics

  The Tranquility of Avatar nice fan site with some cute graphics/gifs

 Water Bender:  fansite which also offers Oekaki, Avatar screencaps and transcripts of episodes. <----NEW affiliate

 Water Tribe neat fansite offering Avatars, enter signs, layouts, backgrounds, animationed icons, blinkies, bookmarks, banners, tutorials, fanart.

 Where Dreams Fly Great fan site, lots of neat pages, variety of stuff.

Zuko: the Misunderstood Teenage Prince cute Zuko fansite by Jazz

 Zuko's Fire Fansite includes images and MUSIC VIDEOS

Zuko's Girlfriend zuko pics, chat poems, fanvid, fanart


Avatar the Last Airbender Episodes forum site but also allows access to episodes

YouTube  place where fans can post music vids. Unfortunately Viacom has forced YouTube to pull many of the Avatar Vids offers AMV's

Avatar: The Last Airbender  can download episodes onto you computer for a small fee (1.99)

Megajunkie - episodes for view/downloads

The Track Team Music and Sound (the company which produces the muscial scores for Avatar) This is a link to their new website where you can listen to some of the awesome music created for Avatar. Thank you Jeremy and Ben!!

Fun Sites Made by Fans

This section is especially for creative fans of BlueSpiritGal who have created their own sites for fun and to share with each other.

Aimee Agua: Waterbending Warrior

Bender's Magic - a forum site for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and Harry Potter by fan member Sam

Ace's Page - an Avatar fansite by fan member Ace-Daze feature wallpapers and AMV's


Music Video Links Directory

This directory list gives links to fans who specialize in Avatar Music Videos (AMV's). They are listed in alphabetical order.


Airbender503 (AMV plus has kindly posted some of the episodes)



Edoftheabc (contains one of my personal favorites "Aangs Kryptonite" )


Ignite444 (AMV plus has kindly posted some of the episodes)









Prince Zuko's Girl

Rebel1369 (AMV plus has kindly posted some of the episodes)

Article/Sites about Avatar & its Creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DeMaartino

Animation Insider : Numerous articles about Avatar the Last Airbender and its creators.

San Diego 2005 Comic Convention aritcle from 7-17-2005

More Cool Links



 Keyframe Animation Resource is a place to find anything and everything you ever wanted to know about animation. Contains a huge database of animation, profiles for studios, voices, cast and crew. To explore this site in general click on the underlined texted words in the box. To find a particular animation, i.e. Avatar or Spongebob, simply type it in the search box and click go.