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The Martial Arts of Firebending

The Firebenders

Though Firebenders are the most aggressive of the four nations, Firebending itself is the most difficult of the four elements to master.  Unlike water, earth, and air, which already exists and simply need to be manipulated, fire must first be created and second be controlled. 


The creation of fire first comes from the breath as the Firebender draws energy from around him. The energy must then be focused on specific muscle groups and extended outward from the body into flame.  Without control, fire can burn the bender creating it, or consume the area around him.  A true master Firebender can create a huge wall of fire but keep in under such tight control that not a blade of grass next to it will burn. 


A few Firebenders also have the rare ability to control electricity, a very difficult technique to master.  It is considered the "cold" form of firebending, because its energy is not generated from intense emotion but rather from intense control and produces a blue flame rather than a hot red/orange flame typical in normal firebending. The bender with this ability is able to draw energy from around them and create a lightening bolt with varying degrees of intensity by separating the postive and negative engergies within the air. The bender is briefly able control that energy into an offensive strike as the opposing forces slam back together to create lightening. Few opponents are capable of surviving a direct hit of such power. However, there is an extremely rare form of bending capable of doing just that. This ability was discovered by a master firebending after studying the movement of Waterbenders who utilize the push and pull of opposing forces to bend. This special form of defense actually allows the bolt of lightening to pass harmlessly through the stomach, and away from the heart, before redirecting the destructive energy away to a safer place.


Fire Nation benders gain their strength from the sun and are the most powerful during the day.  Also about every one hundred years when Sozin’s comet passes near their world, the Fire Nation’s power increases making it harder for the Avatar to maintain control and keep balance between the four nations.


Shaolin syle of Martial Arts


Firebenders incorporate both the Northern and Southern Shaolin styles of Kung Fu. The Northern Shaolin style primarily focuses on fast momements, kicks and jumps while the Southern Shaolin style centers around arm thrusts and jabs.  Combined their style is definitely offensive.  The movements are quick, agile and aggressive and are also based on the five animal signs of the tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon which represents speed, cunning and use of deadly power. 


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