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Here are a few me and the Cabbage Man came up with. (I didn't necessarily say they were good)

Fans, click on the link below to post some of your own. Just make sure to keep them clean.

       Jokes by Fans

 Q: What do you call an Earthbending dad who likes Rock-n'-Roll music?
 A: a Pop-Rocker
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What is Zuko's favorite candy?
 A. Fireballs
 Submitted by: Trent702    Our First Fan Submission Joke!!!!!!

 Q. What is Appa's tail to a Fire Nation soilder?
  A: A Fire Swatter
 Submitted by: BSG

 What is Azula's nickname at the dry cleaners where she drops off her clothes?
 A: Princess Static Electricity
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What do you call Aang on a bad hair day?

 A: Still bald

 Submitted by: BSG ( okay that one was a bad one )

 Q: What do you call a fortune teller who only gives out bad news?
 A: Aunt Woe
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What do you call an Air Nomad deer?
 A:  A Wind-doe
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What does a ten ton flying bison eat?
 A: Anything he wants
 Submitted by: The Cabbage Man

 Q: What kind of crackers does Prince Zuko like?
 A: Firecrackers.
 Submitted by: BSG & the Cabbage Man

 Q: What's Katara favorite fruit?
 A: Watermelon
 Submittied by: The Cabbage Man

Q: What do you get when you cross an airbender with a cabbage man?
 A: Coleslaw
 Submitted by: The Cabbage Man

 Q: Where do Earthbenders like to vacation
 A: Bolder, Colorado or the Rocky Mountains.
 Submitted by: BSG & the Cabbage Man

 Q: What do you call a fortune teller who likes fast rides?
 A: Aunt Wee
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What's a bender's favorite band?
 A: Earth, Wind & Fire
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What do you call Zuko & Katara on a date?
 A: Fire & Ice
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: What do you say when Appa sneezes on you?
 A: Snot happens
 Submitted by: Cabbage Man & BSG

 Q: What kind of offspring do you get when you mix an Firebender with an Earthbender?
 A: Lava Girl
 Submitted by: BSG

 Q: Where do Spirit World creatures have a reunion?
 A: Death Valley
 Submitted by: BSG & the Cabbage Man