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Main Characters: Season One

Aang is a twelve year old airbender who woke up from a state of suspended animation one hundred years later to discover the world that he had known was now war ravaged by the mighty Fire Nation and that he is probably the last of his people, the Air Nomads. He is the Avatar, the spirit of the world re-incarnated into human form and it's his job to make things right. Problem is he doesn't know how he's going to do that.  Before he can save anyone Aang must master all four bending elements but without any of the Air Nomads left there's no one to teach him. Somehow Aang must learn how to be the Avatar in time to prevent the Fire Nation from taking over the entire world. (No pressure right?) view more pictures

 Katara is a 14 year old waterbender from the remains of a small Water Tribe in the South Pole.  She is the only one in her entire village with bending abilities. Her dream is to find a master waterbender to teach her. When she and her brother Sokka discover Aang and she realizes he's not just an airbender but the long lost Avatar, she forms a protective kinship with him. When Aang offers to take her to the North Pole, Katara at long last feels like her dreams can come true.  Katara has a maternal, protective nature but is far from weak and as her waterbending skills improve she proves to be quite capable of fighting her own battles. view more pictures

 Sokka is Katara's 16 year old brother and the only main character in the show without any bending abilities. Though the brunt of many of the comical elements in the show, he is probably the most level headed of the group and tries his best to keep Aang and Katara out of trouble and out of the clutches of the Fire Nation searching for the Avatar. Like his father, Sokka wants to be a warrior and prefers things based in reality than "magic". He is skilled at using his boomerang and will bravely take on any firebender despite his lack of bending abilities.  view more pictures

 Prince Zuko is an angry 16 year old firebender with a big chip on his shoulder not to mention a horrible scar across his face. Two years ago he was stripped of his birthright, banished from his homeland by his father Firelord Ozai and sent on a seemingly hopeless quest to find and bring back the Avatar.  In the first season he is never far off the trail of Aang and his friends as they travel to the North Pole and proves to be quite a thorn in the trio's side as well as competiton for Commander/Admiral Zhao (another firebender determined to capture the Avatar).  Prince Zuko is probably the most complex character. Despite his impatient and obsessive determination to capture the Avatar, there is a deep rooted since of honor within him that makes him almost likeable, or at least understandable in his quest. As the second season unfolds Zuko (along with his Uncle Iroh) is considered fugitive by the Fire Lord. view more pictures

Uncle Iroh is a retired general in the Fire Nation and (elder ?) brother to the Firelord. He travels with his nephew Prince Zuko on his quest for the Avatar.  Iroh tries to be the calming influence in his angry, troubled nephew's life acting as both mentor and father figure, though sometimes neither a quite appreciated by the impatient prince. His character brings a lot humor to the show with Iroh's love of gensing tea mix with proverbial wisdom. Iroh has a lot of history that has yet to be totally revealled in the first season and will probably unfold more in the second.

Appa is a ten ton six-legged flying bison who was trapped in suspended animation with Aang for a hundred years and is Aang's animal companion and the trios major form of transportation. Though he has a gentle nature he can be provoked and will use his huge flat tail to deliver a powerful airblast or head-butt an oppenent with his thick head and horns. To get him to fly he must be give the command "Yip-Yip"  His is utterly loyal to Aang.

Momo is Aang pet flying lemur he found in episode three at the Southern Air Temple and now travels with them. The lemur reminds Aang of his home where apparently flying lemurs were a common sight of often pets to the Air Nomads. He and Sokka seems to be always competing over food.

Main Characters Added in Season Two

Princess Azula  is Prince Zuko's younger sister. By order of the Fire Lord, she is stepping into Zhao's position as Zuko's competition in capturing the Avatar. She is a Firebending prodigy and according to Zuko has always been the favored child of the Fire Lord.  In addition to her ease in mastering Firebending, she is also capable of controlling electricity, a difficult technique to master and probably one not all Firebenders are capable of posessing.

Toph Ba Fong (A.K.A "The Blind Bandit) runs away from home and joins the Avatar team in the sixth episode of Season Two as Aang's new Earthbending teacher. She is twelve years old and though blind from birth uses her Earthbending in a unique way to "see".  She's as much an Earthbending prodigy as Azula is at Firebending. But if Aang thinks learning from Toph will be easy, he's got another thing coming from this rather gruff to the point, hard-nosed spunky girl! But Toph has her own problems to deal with when her weathy and extremely over-protective father sends two thugs after her to bring her back. Toph's Profile Page