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Noteable Characters

The King of Omashu (Bumi) a crazed but powerful earthbender king that puts Aang through a series of interesting challenges. Aang discovers later the crazed king is none other than his old childhood friend. King Bumi first appears in Season One, Chapter 5: The City of Omashu with a return appearance in Season Two: Return to Omashu

Suki is the leader of a band of female warriors the trio encounter in the First Season episode "The Island of Kyoshi." Sokka's warrior pride is at first injured that a "girl" could get the better of him, but he is later intrigued and puts his pride aside to get to know her better. Suki and her band of warriors lend a helping hand again in a re-occuring appearance in the later part of the Second Season and into Season Three 

Jet is the teenage leader to a band of Freedom Fighters (Pipsqeak, Smellerbee, Longshot, The Duke and Sneers) the trio encounter in the forest in the episode titled the same name.  His charasmatic personality wins Aang and Katara into his friendship, but Sokka is less convinced of Jet's motives especially when he begins to see a darker side to the rebel's personality. He and some of his gang make a re-appearance towards the end of the Second Season - but can he ever be trusted again????

Bato is a member of the Southern Water tribe who two years ago left with Sokka's father and the rest of the warriors of their tribe to help the Earth Kingdom defend against the Fire Nation.  The sudden reunion with an old friend brings up a lot of bittersweet memories for Sokka who must make a diffucult choice. Towards the end of the second season Bato returns when Sokka gets a chance to be re-united with his father Hakoda.

Master Pakku is the waterbending master Aang and Katar seek out to train them towards the end of the First Season.  But Katara soon discovers girls in the Northern Water Tribe are not permitted to train. Katara must challenge their traditions and his authority to earn her place. (Master Pakku appears in the last three episodes of Season 1 and reappears in the first episode of Season Two)

Other Noteable Characters

Haru is an Earthbender boy the trio encounters in the episode "Imprisioned" Haru is forced to hide his abilities but when he is taken away from his village and imprisioned by the Fire Nation, Katara feels guilty and is determined to help.

Song a young Earth Kingdom healer who offers her service, kindness and hospitality to Zuko and Iroh after Iroh accidentally poison himself on bad tea.  This is Zuko's first experience with kindness from a stranger and a supposed enemy. ("Caves of Two Lovers")

Jun is a very independant pushy bounty hunter Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh hook up with to try and track down the Avatar in the episode "Bato of the Water Tribe." She rides a giant beast which resembles a hybrid of a sloth and an anteater which is primarily blind but has the keen ability to track even the minutest scent. For some reason Unclce Iroh seems a little besmitten with her.

Aunt Wu is a fortuneller the trio encounter in a small village threatened by a volcano in the episode "The Fortunteller"

Cabbage Man a very minor character but one which brought humor to two episodes. This poor cabbage merchant had the bad luck of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (seen in "The City of Omashu" and "The Waterbending Scroll")

General Fong an ambitious Earthbending general determined to harness Aang Avatar Spirit in his quest to win the war, despite Aang's concerns.("The Avatar State")

Professor Zei head of anthropology at Ba Sing Sei University. The gang helps the young professor find the lost Spirit Library in the middle of the desert ("The Desert")

The Earth King is the King of the great city of Ba Sing Se. Aang and the gang try to enlist the King's help in a plan to defeat the Fire Nation towards the end of the Second Season, but evil lurks within the citiy's walls from members closest to the King.

Spirit World Characters

Hei Bai is a forest spirit which Aang first encounters in "The Winter Soltice" and later in "The Siege of the North." Hei Bai appears in two forms, one a fierce looking distructive creature, the other a quiet giant panda.

Koh (the "Face Stealer") is a giant centipede like creature which lives in the Spirit World. He is a very old spirit with taste for collecting faces. He can steal them if an individual faces him with any type of emotion on their face. In "The Siege of the North" Aang must be extremely careful when he seeks out this ancient spirit for guidance.

Twi & La are the Moon and Ocean spirits (repectively) who have taken on the mortal forms of two circling koi fish (one white, one black) respresenting the ever constant balance between the pull of the moon and the tides of the ocean. It is the Moon spirit which gives the Waterbenders their power to manipulate water and is often strongest at night when the moon is in the sky