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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I affiliated with Nickelodeon, the creators of Avatar or its associated affiliates?

     No. Avatar: The Last Airbender is the property of Nickelodeon Studios, its wonderful creators Dave Filoni and Michael DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Nick Malis and other official affiliates of the series. This site is a non-profit fansite intended to provide entertainment and information to fans of the series. This site is not endorsed by anyone associated with the show and is not intended to violate any copyright.

Who is Blue Spirit Gal?

     Click here to learn more about me and the Cabbage Men.

Can I download any of your images?

     I personally do not mind if you download any of the images from Blue Spirit Collection or my Backgrounds/Wallpapers for your own personal use.  I created them with the idea of sharing (and the fact it gives me an excuse to mess around on my computer). My only request is you not claim them as you own and would kindly credit them with a link back to BSG at

What about other fan art images?

     For obvious reasons, other fan art images need the permission from the artist to download and copy.  For this reason the right click has been disabled, but we all know everyone can get around this so please be respectful of your fellow artist.  Any fan art submissions remain the property of the artist.  If the artist no longer wishes to have their artwork displayed on this site, he/she can request it to be removed. I do not mind providing a link or e-mail to the artist if they wish it for comments or to view their other work, but I will not post such information unless it is requested by the artist.

What about music video or other media?

    I do not own any of the music videos linked to this website.  The videos linked are ones which were posted for general audience viewing, but I have tried my best to make sure I've aknowleged the artist who created it. If any artist whose video I've linked to this site does not wish it to be viewed here any longer, I am more than happy to remove the link.  My purpose in placing the link is to give the artist exposure and to share these wonderful works with fans.  If the artist notices any errors in acknowlegement please contact me and I'll be happy to make any corrections.

Can I submit fan art/fan fiction?

     Absolutely.  It's one of the primary purposes of this site, to allow fans to share and enjoy each others accomplishments whether it's fan art or fan fiction, poems, jokes, trivia, videos.  My only request is they are kept clean and appropriate for the general audience. For fan fiction please review my rating policy for submissions. Click here for more info on how to submit your work. The stories linked to this site are either from stories I've found and have obtained permission to post the link from the author, or an author's request to submit their work. 

I have an Avatar fansite as well. Can I link mine with yours?

   Absolutely. So long as your site is appropriate for a general audience.  My link directory is designed to connect all these wonderful creative sites together so kids can have a fun but safe place to surf and share. If I do discover anything inappropriate on these sites I retain the right to remove the link.

What's the BSGforum?

     The BSGforum is my interactive section of the site where fans can create their own characters and interact with each other and other Avatar characters (which are anonymously roll-played by some of our fans).  There are several cool "places" to visit and have adventures from the silly to serious, the limit is just your imagination. In addition, the BSG forum has several other neat areas including a FanMade section where fan can post just about anything from artwork to stories to links for vids. In order to use the forum though, you must first register as a member. The process is easy but I do require a membership in order for my staff to moderate the site and keep it within my family oriented guidelines.

What about Avatar Merchandise?

   Any of the stores offering Avatar products are independantly owned and operated and I do not have control on how they handle their accounts and services. A few of the products (not all Avatar related) I do have an affiliation agreement with which simply means I would receive a small commission for any sales generated through my site. All proceeds of any such sales however goes back to supporting this site.  My intent with these affilations is not for profit but simply as a way to offset some of the cost of maintaining this site.  Most of the links however I'm not affiliated with and are provided as a courtesy for fans looking for products and information.

What about the other advertisements?

     You may notice from time to time, especially towards the end of the month other forms of advertisements appearing on this site.  Because of the popularity of my site and the types of links I provide, my bandwidth can get sucked up pretty fast.  In order to prevent my site from going down once I've used up my monthly bandwidth, FreeWebs (my host site) picks up those extra days through advertisement on my site.  This provides a win win situation for everybody.


Just a little about Internet Safety.

My website is designed to be a safe and fun place to visit, but whenever a minor is using the internet you must always consider your personal safety first.  When posting anything which will be viewed by the public, please be careful not to devulge too much personal information about yourself such as your address and phone number.  If you are providing an e-mail address I encourage you to let your parents review any responses you receive, even from me, especially if they are asking you to devulge personal information**.

Who is Blue Spirit Gal & the Cabbage Men?

In case you were wondering.

My name is Jackie (Blue Spirit Gal) and I'm the mother of two active boys Nathan, 9, and Jared, 6 (The Cabbage Men) and we are an Avatar the Last Airbender fan family.  I set up this site as a family activity for fun and sharing with my boys and a safe place for other fans to gather and share ideas. Since it's start in Febuary of 2006, my little site has grown tremendously and we've expanded greatly to include a wide variety of this for everyone to do.

Blue Spirit Gal:

Besides Avatar I also have a variety of other interests which I share with my boys. I'm probably most famous for my Halloween Walk-Throughs. Every year we set up a maze through our garage with a different theme and the neighborhood loves it. Our themes have included: Mad Scientist, Harry Potter, Swamp Witch and last year was Pirates. To see more you can visit my little Halloween Page I made up.  In addition to Halloween, I also enjoy miniature doll houses and taking care of my small koi fish pond. In case you're wondering what I look like - that's me in the black robe and hat (just kidding.  Actually I had the witch in my living room for a week or so before Halloween while I was in the process of setting up my maze last year and for some reason Max our dog didn't like her.)


What do I do for a living? I'm a nurse who takes care of newborn babies. It's a pretty neat job, except when I'm stuck in the nursery when it's full of screaming babies for twelve hours.

The Cabbage Men:

Nathan is a Cub Scout and enjoys swimming, reptiles, koi fish and drawing dragons. His dream is to have his own koi fish pond business. His favorite animal is the giraffe.

Jared enjoys Spiderman, swimming and just about anything his brother likes. His favorite animals are bears (every kind).

Their pets include Max the dog, Peanut the Turtle and Lizzy the Lizzard plus varies bugs and insects which happen to have the misfortune of running into the Cabbage Man.

Our favorite shows/movies:

Avatar the Last Airbender (of course), Harry Potter (both the movies and books), Tremors (movie series), Spiderman, Eragon and Jurassic Park, Spongebob & Fairly Odd Parents (mostly the Cabbage Men), Mythbusters and any science shows of the Discovery Channel, plus a variety of cartoons on Boomerang and Jet-X.

Policy About My Site

My policy about my site:  The intent of my site is to be family oriented and meant to be shared by anyone from 1-99 who loves the show.  I will do my best to make sure the content within this site is kept clean so please notify me immediately if any questionable material pops up.  I take the safety of minors visiting this site very seriously and will not tolerate infringement on their privacy.  Because of this anything sent to me by e-mail including addresses and personal information will not be exchanged with other members or marketing agencies. I prefer submissions to be e-mailed to me first in order for me to screen the contents and to make sure minors are not divulging too much personal information before posting.  Parents are free to contact me at any time ( and are encouraged to monitor their child's activities while on line.

How to contact BSG for artwork submissions and other things

To submit your Artwork

  • Artwork submission can be e-mail directly to me at
  • Scan and save them to a jpeg compliant file. Next, send your image as an attachment to your e-mail along with any information you want posted with your artwork including your name, title of picture (if any), and any other comments.
  • Fans can also submit artwork directly to the fanmade section of the BSGforum, though you need to register as a member of the forum first. Please visit the Help section of the forum for guidelines for how and what content is allowed to be posted on the forum.

To submit Fan fiction, poems or other written media

  • BSG has a fiction library headed by Storybender. Please submit your stories to We also have a fan made section on BSG forum that you are welcome to post in.
  • Rating policy for submissions.