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Avatar the Last Airbender, Season Three: FIRE

Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 3 FIRE started September 21st, 2007


  • (312) The Western Air Temple:   July 14th (Monday)         8:00 pm
  • (313) The Firebending Masters:  July 15th (Tuesday)        8:00 pm
  • (314) The Boiling Lake, Part 1:   July 16th (Wednesday 8:00 pm 
  • (315) The Boiling Lake, Part 2:   July 16th (Wednesday)   8:30 pm
  • (316) The Southern Raiders        July 17th (Thurday)         8:00 pm
  • (317) The Ember Island Players July 18th (Friday)            8:00 pm
  • Sozin's Comet (two-hour season finale movie) JULY 19th (SATURDAY) 8:00-10:00pm

Reruns of previous episodes can be found on Nicktoons. Check you local cable listings.

DVD for Book 3, Volume 3 is set for release MAY 6th (BEFORE these episodes air in the US) 

Downloads for some episodes can be found on Avatar: The Last Airbender

View Season 3 Episodes for current descriptions and screencaps links

Below - Promo/Trailer for Season 3 posted on youtube from the 2007 San Diego Comic Book Convention (thanks to Avatar *Contains spoilers!*

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Avatar the Last Airbender: Season Three: Fire

Highlights for Season 3

  • Aang has hair, pretty cute! 
  • Zuko and Mai, uh...don't know if that will last 
  • Iroh thrown in jail, but full of surprises 
  • Gang gets all new cool looks a few times over 
  • New bad guy: Combustion Man appears in several episodes
  • Katara learns some not so pleasant forms of water bending
  • Zuko learns more about his family lineage than he wants to know, but will it help change his destiny 
  • The Gaang with the help of Sokka's father Hakoda, Haru, and some of their other friends attempt to overthrow the Fire Lord during a solar eclipse, but unexpected surprises and hardships await as plans are set in motion
  • Aang finally gets up the courage to kiss Katara 
  • Zuko learns his mother may still be alive
  • Zuko makes a big decision that changes his destiny and future
  • Escape plans are underway with Sokka and Zuko pairing up????
  • Azula in for some unexpected surprises!

Avatar Last Airbender Season Two: Earth

  • Second Season: Book 2: Earth aired March 17th, 2006
  • 20 Chapter Episodes # 210-220


Highlights of Season 2:

  • Aang begins his journey to find an Earthbending Master to teach him
  • New characters are introduced to the series including Toph, a blind earthbender; Princess Azula, Zuko's evil sister and her two cohorts TyLee and Mai.
  • Appa is lost and must face many perils
  • The kids journey to the great Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Sei where they finally meet the great Earth King and more adventure and danger
  • Characters from Season One make reappearances in Second Season including Jet and the Freedom Fighters, Suki and her band of female warriors and King Bumi.
  • Sokka is re-united with his father
  • Aang seeks help from a Guru to control his Avatar State
  • More insights into Zuko's past, including memories of his mother
  • Zuko must make some hard decisions about his future
  • A shocking season finale not to be missed!

See About the Show  and Episode Guide for expanded descriptions and details


Avatar the Last Airbender: Season 1: Water

Book One is the first installment in a sage series about a young Avatar named Aang destined to save the world from the evil Fire Nation set on a campaign for world domination. Only problem is Aang is only twelve and has no idea how he's supposed to do this. With his people gone and no one left to teach him how to tap in and control his hidden powers, Aang is forced to discover this on his own. Luckily he's got two new friends willing to help him along the way.

Book One: 20 episode chapters which takes the series from the beginning of Aang being discovered frozen in an iceburg to a dramatic season finale as the Fire Nation attempts to distroy the Northern Water Tribe (#101-120)

Highlights of Season One:

  • Two siblings, Sokka and Katara,  free a twelve year old boy named Aang frozen in an iceberg only to discover his the lost Avatar missing for the last one hundred years.
  • Aang emerges from his frozen prison to discover his world has completely changed. The peaceful Avatar World he had once known is now in chaos as a result of a hundred year war with the powerful and evil Fire Nation
  • Aang journeys back to home to learn the fate of his own people
  • Without a guide to show him how to become a fully realized Avatar, Aang must discover his abilities on his own as he attempts to find masters willing to teach him the four elements in time to stop the Fire Nation from taking over the rest of the world.
  • Aang and his friends decide to journey to the other side of the world atop Aang's flying bison in hopes of finding a Waterbending Master help train Aang.
  • Along the way Aang and his friends meet many new friends including a crazy King, two rival tribes of refugees trying to cross a dagerous canyon, a band of female warriors, a group of orphaned Freedom Fighters, a young Earthbender needing help to free his father and an adventerous boy who finds freedom in the sky. and of course the Fire Nation always just one step behind determined to capture the Avatar. But they also face diffucult and dangerous challenges as the Fire Nation learns of Aang's existence and is determined to capture him.
  • Aang also discovers a lot about himself during his Northern journery, including an awesome and immeasurable power he cannot control and fears.
  • As the bridge between the real world and spirit world, Aang encounters beings within the Spirit World including one of his own past lives which brings disturbing news.
  • The Avatar is relentlessly persueded by banished Prince Zuko destined to capture the Avatar in order to restore his honor.  But the scarred and angry teenage Prince has his own set of problems to deal with as well including competition to capture the Avatar from a power hunger Commander and his own personal demons which haunt his past.
  • Once the gang does reach the North Pole, new challenges and prejudices await as the Northern Water Tribe prepares to be invaded by the powerful Fire Nation in an action packed showdown.

See About the Show and Episode Guide for expanded details about the First Season

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Current Airing Schedule:

  • Repeat episodes can be found on Nicktoons. Check your local cable listings.

Season Three: Fire


2006 San Diego Comic Book Convention

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